Case Study: Team Augmentation for IGM Technology

Daxx’s main strength is their ability to find talented people, and their control ensures that I utilize the people I hire with them properly.


IGM Technology provides a cloud-based solution that improves the efficiency of the close-to-filing process. In 2014, when the product was still in the development stage, I needed to hire a professional with sufficient knowledge of cloud technologies, which were relatively new at the time. Initially, I was going to hire a local developer, but had trouble finding someone with the right skills in Toronto.


I had already had experience with offshore developers in the past, so I decided to look for a remote partnership. Eventually, I found Daxx, and hired one developer with them to begin with. At peak capacity, I had nine people on the team I built with Daxx, but as the product was nearing completion, I started to reduce the numbers. At the moment, I still have one engineer from Daxx.


Daxx’s business model, in which I work with my developers directly while they facilitate the work environment, has worked out very well for me. They have a very well-organized system, so I have never had to worry about what the developers were doing, or whether they were coming and leaving on time. This is especially remarkable given that we are located at opposite sides of the globe.
IGM Technology
IGM Technolobgy provides a single, cloud-based solution to help finance professionals improve the efficiency and enhance controls in the close-to-filing process.


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